A baby with missing front teeth! Doesn’t it sound cute? It’s even charming how missing teeth affects your baby’s speech during all the childhood conversation. No matter how cute it looks, when a child experiences premature tooth loss, it can negatively affect both their smile and their confidence.

Is your child suffering from premature teeth loss because of an accident or tooth decay? What could be the fix? The best dental doctor in Kolkata can provide a suitable treatment plan which can put the smile back on your child’s face.

Typically, a child starts to lose out the first set of teeth around the age of 6 or 7. But every child is different and your child might lose out his/her first teeth even before turning 6. A baby tooth usually doesn’t loosen until the permanent tooth under it has started to push the baby tooth out of the socket. However, a premature teeth loss is an exceptional case.

When should you visit a kid’s dentist?

If your child goes through multiple premature tooth decay
In case, if your child has an abnormal loss of milk teeth
When your child has a broken tooth
When you find an abscessed tooth in your child’s mouth

A reason for your child to smile more

When you know what the best treatment plan is for your child, you give him/ her the best. Help your child feel better about his/her appearance so that they can smile, talk and laugh without feeling conscious about their missing teeth. Often an expert providing treatment like orthodontic treatment in Kolkata suggests a pediatric partial treatment for your child’s missing tooth. This partial can remain in place until your child’s own permanent teeth start to erupt.

How should one care for the padiatric partials?

Bacteria and food can build up around this orthodontic appliance if you tend to care less about it. Therefore, it is very essential to take good care of your child’s pediatric partial. Wondering how? Well, regular brushing goes without saying. But your child can’t do it without your help.

Make sure to supervise that regular cleaning and brushing is taking place. If in case, brushing causes bleeding or discomfort, consult with the Best dental clinic in Kolkata to know about how to clean the sensitive areas. Don’t worry; both your child’s gum tissue and your child will adjust to the partial.