Braces are used to rectify the incorrect positioning of teeth. when teeth are not correctly aligned, it may result in exerting pressure on the jaw muscle. This can lead to joint pain and an occasional headache. It also has an adverse effect on the appearance of a person. Therefore, it is best to get orthodontic treatment to address such issues. It also improves the functioning and appearance of them. It helps in the even distribution of the biting force.

Although it is recommended to get braces before the age of seven, even adults can get braces. In certain teeth care multispeciality dental clinic it is recommended to get braces before the age of seven to rectify the problem when the teeth are in the developing stage. If treated at an early age, it will take six to sixteen months for proper teeth alignment. For adults, the duration of the treatment varies.


Signs that you need a brace :

  • If you have an overbite
  • If you have an underbite

  • If your jaw is incorrectly positioned

  • If your teeth are crowded

  • In case you have certain jaw joint disorder

Wearing braces will rectify the above mentioned structural problem.