Did you notice that trendy diets seem to come and go? Talking about the current diet trend, ‘Keto is the king’.

Keto diet has created lots of buzz for all the right reasons. Many of your friends have found success after restricting their carb intake and you thought to give it a go.

The keto diet is supposed to be the healthiest diet. And now you are wondering – if a lower carb lifestyle is what everyone is seeking right now, why does it result in foul-smelling breath?

The best dental doctor in Kolkata answers – “it is because of how your body breaks down fats.”

Your teeth are a part of your face and they directly impact how you look and your overall personality. Therefore, it is important to know how any diet that you are planning can affect your teeth and the whole mouth.

Pros of Keto Diet on Your Oral Health-

  1. Reduce plaque build up
  2. Destroy cavities
  3. Reduce gum disease

Cons of Keto Diet on Your Oral Health-

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Saliva acidity
  3. Bad breath

Since bad breath is our concern in today’s blog- let’s talk about the ‘fix’.

The best dentist in Kolkata suggests the below-mentioned methods to reduce your bad breath.

  • Increase your water consumption-

Drink as much water as you can manage to flush out the acetones and ketones from your body through urination. Drinking more water will reduce the level of ketones and as a result, your breath will improve.

  • Maintain healthy oral hygiene-

You need to focus more on your oral health when you are on a keto diet. The need of brushing twice a day goes without saying. But how many times do you floss in a week? If you don’t do it at all, start developing a flossing routine and it will eventually reduce your bad breath.

  • Chew gums and mints-

Chewing gums and mints can mask your bad breath and prevent it from coming out of your mouth. Make sure to grab some sugar-free mints and gums so that your keto diet doesn’t break.

  • Slightly decrease your protein intake-

Proteins are your main source of energy when you are on a low-carb keto diet. But eating too much protein can worsen your situation. Your body produces ammonia while burning proteins. A high quantity of ammonia will make your breath foul.

While the close-up ad sings “pass aao” and fascinates you, your keto diet has planned something else for you. Consult the best dental clinic in Kolkata to find a solution for your keto breath.