A root canal treatment is performed to repair and save an infected and decaying tooth. In this procedure, the nerve and the pulp is removed to clean and seal the inside of the tooth. In other words, it is mummifying a decayed tooth to preserve it. Traditionally this treatment takes up multiple sitting. However, in recent times, ‘single visit RCT’ is gaining popularity.

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Best suitable for:

  1. Patients requiring full mouth rehabilitation.
  2. Uncomplicated functioning teeth.
  3. Patients requiring sedation.
  4. Dead teeth with sinus tract.
  5. Teeth with accidental/mechanical pulp exposure.
  6. Physically challenged patients who cannot visit frequently.
  7. Fractured anterior or bicuspid teeth where esthetics in the concern.

What is its advantage?

  1. In addition to saving time, it is also economical.
  2. No risk of leakage of the temporary cement.
  3. No mid-treatment flare.
  4. More effective coronal seal and esthetics.

Visit our clinic to do the best root canal treatment in Kolkata with the help of an ENDOMOTOR and save time. Above all, maintain good oral hygiene to maintain good oral health.

Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata