Keyhole implantation is a method of restoration of teeth. If you have missing teeth, one of the best ways to implant teeth is through the keyhole technique. According to the best dentist in Kolkata, it is the best teeth implant technique. In this technique, we take a flapless approach. Moreover, we performed it under local anesthesia. The Keyhole implants mimic the roots of your tooth. Therefore it is used to stabilize a removable denture or as a foundation for a fixed implant-supported bridge. We place the implants in the jawbone with the top extended above the gum line. It is designed to function immediately due to its self-tapping nature. In other words, there is no rising of gum flap, punching of tissue or drilling of the gum. Above all, It is the minimalistic approach to dental implant installation directly into the jawbone.


What are the advantages of a keyhole implant?

  1. Less traumatic for the gum tissue.
  2. Less post-operative swelling of gum tissue
  3. Minimal invasive technique
  4. Fast recovery
  5. Extremely high success rate
  6. It is a stitchless procedure
  7. Extremely durable and long lasting