Dental plaque is the primary cause of all periodontal diseases. Bacteria which settle on the teeth form a whitish film commonly known as ‘biofilm’. According to the Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata, it needs to be removed timely. Otherwise, it will harden up and be converted to tartar. Therefore, it is essential to get your teeth cleaned by trained a professional to remove the ‘biofilm’ and the tartar. Dental scaling can be done either with manual hand instruments or ultrasonic instruments or both.

Under ultrasonic cleaning, instruments use the energy of ultrasonic vibration. The vibration emitted crushes and remove hardened calculus or tartar. Shockwaves disrupt the bacterial cells. Scaling also involves washing and flushing the infected pockets formed in the gum. If your gum tissue is extremely sensitive or diseased, we will give you local anesthesia to numb the tissue.


What are the advantages of ultrasonic scaling over scaling using hands tools?

  • Significantly more effective on cleaning of infected gum pockets larger than 4mm.
  • More effective in removing tartar from the root surface and from within gum pockets as their small tips can reach deeper.
  • Ultrasonic scaling is less uncomfortable than manual scaling.
  • It requires less time.

Visit the dentist twice every year for your dental check-up and professional cleaning. Don’t let tartar to form on top of your teeth.