Orthodontists help in the treatment of crooked teeth, but they also help with other problems. These include excess and excess, cleft, space between teeth, too many teeth, and treatment of other crucial dental conditions. Other problems with the jaws can also be treated by an orthodontist. However, if you have undergone orthodontic surgery recently, you can’ wait to recover as quickly as possible. But you shouldn’t rush out the process. Recovery time from orthodontic surgery is extremely important. Whether undergoing minor surgery or major surgery, you will definitely need to follow a strict post-treatment regimen to ensure that the affected area heals faster. In fact, the best cosmetic dental surgeon in Kolkata will give you the same advice.

Your orthodontist will give you a series of precautions that you need to follow. In the blog below, you will learn in more detail what you need to observe after orthodontic surgery.

First of all, don’t do anything that your doctor hasn’t told you to do. Be extremely careful after surgery and follow your doctor’s instructions thoroughly.

Must-follow instructions after Orthodontic Surgery

Now is not the time to go to the gym or for a fun summer marathon with your friends. This is the time for you to rest and recover, to avoid all strenuous activities.

Do not drink any hot or cold drinks, especially if your mouth is numb because you do not want to accidentally burn your mouth. You should not increase your pain while recovering from oral surgery.

Avoid chewing or eating crunchy foods such as fries and popcorn. Every dental surgery has a specific set of rules to follow. The best orthodontist in Kolkata will hand you a guideline to follow after surgery.

For example, after an orthodontic surgery, you must not eat any hard foods for 6 to 8 weeks after orthodontic surgery. It is important that the affected area heals properly or your oral health may deteriorate.

Do not smoke as long as possible or all day after surgery. Why not consider stopping treatment altogether to improve your overall health? Passive smoking can have severe effects on the treated area inside the mouth.

Stop drinking alcohol for the first 24 hours after surgery, as this may disrupt the healing process. Also, be careful not to drink alcohol while taking this medicine, especially if you are taking antibiotics.

After the operation at one of the best dental clinics in Kolkata be sure to follow all preventive measures. This way, you can recover faster and you are unlikely to have any type of infection.