Nothing makes the first impression better than a confident smile that shows off shiny white teeth. More and more people are doing teeth whitening to keep a bright and radiant smile. A big smile has a miraculous effect on improving a person’s confidence.

When you’re spending money on a professional whitening treatment, you’ll want to take steps to maintain that look. Here are some tips, given by the Best Cosmetic dental surgeon in Kolkata you can follow to help keep your teeth white and attractive even after months.

Special care during the first 2 days

The first 24-48 hours after whitening is the most important period in which you must protect your teeth. The best doctor doing teeth whitening in Kolkata says that your enamel will be prone to damage and sensitivity, making your teeth more prone to discoloration. It is essential that during this critical period, you avoid substances as well as foods and beverages that cause discoloration of the enamel.

The use of disposable mini-brushes

Brushing your teeth after each meal is the key to preventing the food from sticking to teeth and then causing plaque and stains to build up. This can be difficult with a busy lifestyle and work away from home.

The best solution is to buy a disposable mini brush bag that you can carry with you. These brushes do not require the addition of water, toothpaste or even rinsing the mouth with water. They work well if you have braces and can be easily thrown in the trash after use. You will even find them mint, which will help you to have a nice breadth.

Say no to cigarettes

It goes without saying that after teeth whitening you should avoid smoking. As smoking stains teeth and steals all the shine. Instead of smoking, try drinking water or chewing on a celery bar for the health benefits and a radiant smile on your face will be a bonus!

Use a straw

Some beverages contain dyes that will cause you to visit the Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata. You need to go for a new whitening treatment much sooner than you expected. To avoid this, get a can of straws and use them in any beverage other than water. This method allows you to continue enjoying your favorite drink without exposing the liquid to your teeth.

If your teeth still look dull after you have ensured all the aftercare methods, consult your dentist as soon as possible.