When most people think of dental braces, they usually think of teenagers. Even as per the best orthodontist in Kolkata, the ideal age to undergo an orthodontic treatment arrives when the baby teeth are gone.

Often, orthodontic treatments are used to treat complex crossbites, excessive underbite, or overbite conditions in 7 to 8 years-olds. But what about the older ones? How old is too old? Can you get a brace later in your life? Let’s burst the mystery in this blog!

You are never too old for braces

There is no age limit for getting braces as long as you have healthy teeth. Due to the up-gradation of the dentistry industry, many people are opting for cosmetic dentistry to enhance their aesthetic appearance. That is why adult orthodontics is becoming more common.

More adults are installing braces than ever before! As per the best dental doctor in Kolkata, the age range of dental patients is gradually increasing to the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s! Nowadays, adults are considering dental treatments to preserve their teeth, enhance function, and appearance.

People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of straightening their teeth with braces. In this post, let’s discuss the advantages of getting braces as an adult.

Pros of installing braces as an adult!

  • Boosting self-confidence

Who says look doesn’t matter when you get older? Having crooked teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious regardless of their age! So, straightening your teeth and improving your smile will give you enhanced self-confidence.

  • Improving your oral hygiene

Straight teeth are undoubtedly easier to clean! Plus, they are also less prone to accumulate tartar and stains than misaligned teeth. Cleaned and well-maintained teeth are also blessed with fresh smelling breath.

  • A healthier bite

If you have misaligned teeth, they don’t fit together well when you bite and chew foods. By installing a brace, and straightening out your teeth, you can stop TMJ strain and premature enamel wear.

  • Reduced risk of oral disease

Did you know that crooked teeth are often the reason behind tooth decay and increased gum diseases? Overlapping teeth trap bacteria and food residues that can irritate your gum tissue and promote tooth decay. So, having your teeth straightened will lower your risks of developing dental health problems.

  • Variety of Orthodontic Treatment Options

As an adult, you are more responsible than the kids and so you have more autonomy over your treatment’s decisions. If you don’t like to wear traditional metal braces, talk to your dentist as there might be better alternative orthodontic treatment in Kolkata.


The cost of adult braces usually depends on varying factors like:

  • Where do you live and how will you commute to the dentist’s clinic?
  • What kind of orthodontic treatment do you require?
  • How long will your treatment take?
  • How complex is your case?

Once you have an answer to all the questions, you will be able to plan your orthodontic treatment smartly and safely.