Technological advancements have touched every aspect of human lives and the medical industry is no exception. Talking about the topic at hand, laser dentistry is one such area that is a direct result of science, innovation, and technology.

Instead of using a dental drill to cut oral tissues, laser dentistry uses focused light beams. It provides a cleaner, more exact method of treating widespread oral health issues like cavities and periodontal disease. Less discomfort, less stress, and a reduced risk of infection at the surgical site are just a few of its many advantages.

Before seeking the best laser dentistry in Kolkata, you should carefully weigh the benefits, types, and everything else that is relevant to your situation before deciding whether to undergo this procedure.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

The practice of using lasers for dental procedures is known as laser dentistry. The best dentist in Kolkata uses this procedure to treat various dental problems. During the procedure, the laser usually emits a focused, intense, and nimble light beam. The light energy cuts down the pressure, heat, or vibrations associated with the majority of dental procedures.

This indicates that during treatment, the patient feels little to no pain. Anesthesia is not required when a cavity is filled with a laser. The use of dental lasers in dentistry has become very broad and diverse due to the minimalistic, pain-free approach.

Procedures Using Laser Dentistry

Dentists use lasers to treat both soft tissue (like gums) and hard tissue (like teeth and bones) (gums). The same laser cannot be used on both types of tissues, and the manufacturers produce different kinds of lasers for use in various techniques. Soft tissue laser dentistry procedures are much more common because they are less expensive and simpler to use.

Laser Dentistry Benefits

Consider using laser dentistry rather than conventional dentistry for a variety of reasons. Patients who select laser dentistry frequently encounter:

  • Reduced bleeding
  • Fewer pains
  • Less harm to adjacent tissues
  • Local anesthetics are rarely necessary
  • Speedier healing
  • Decreased risk of infection

Because there are no alarming sounds or smells to deal with while they are in the chair, many patients also find laser dentistry to be significantly less anxiety-inducing. In most cases, you do not need local anesthesia for laser dental procedures.


Schedule your appointment at the best dental clinic in Kolkata and ask the specialist how they typically charge for laser dentistry procedures if cost is a concern for you. This will help you plan your budget for the cost of your treatment by letting you know what to look for in your insurance coverage.