People are always scared about visiting a dentist. Undergoing a tooth extraction is nothing less than a nightmare for them. If you are one of them, please remember that all you hear is a lie. The best dentist in Kolkata says that this is a painless and quick procedure.

Even though tooth extraction is a common procedure among adults, people still fear it. So, how to make the procedure an easy and seamless one?

At first, you must choose the best dentist who has a good reputation. You can leave all the burdens on the expert and chill. But there are somethings that you need to ensure as well. Here are the things you should do after undergoing a tooth extraction procedure.

The Do’s After A Tooth Extraction

Basically, tooth extraction is a procedure to remove tooth roots with as minimal trauma as possible. It’s a dentist’s excellence that the extraction socket heals without any complication. Whenever you undergo any procedure, you want to heal well but fast. Keep in mind that your after-care lifestyle has a great role to play in your recovery.

  • Take Rest: As Much As Possible

Yes, even a tooth extraction procedure also needs a great amount of rest. No matter how amazing you feel right after having your tooth extracted, avoid all physical activities at least for 24 hours. Keep your head in a slightly upright position on the pillow while you rest. A best multispecialty dental clinic always recommends limiting your activity for the next two days.

  • Let It Form A Proper Clot

Your tooth extraction site will form a clot which will initiate the healing process. After your procedure, your dentist will place a piece of gauze on the treated site and you have to bite on it. This way the site will clot as soon as possible. However, it never means that you can chew on the gauze or play with it as you like. If you can’t keep it in a particular place, make sure to change the gauze after every half an hour. Be very careful and don’t dislodge the clot. Otherwise, the nerve endings will expose and you can’t heal as fast as you want.

  • Take Painkillers & Apply Ice Packs

Getting rid of a damaged tooth or improving your smile requires care and attention. Your dentist has done most of the part, you just need to follow the expert’s instructions. The recovery process will be easier if you rely on your painkillers as your dentist has suggested. Different individual has different pain endurance. If you are experiencing pain, you can always apply ice packs along with taking the painkillers.

To conclude, we can’t emphasize the importance of choosing the best dental clinic in Kolkata enough.When you are sure about your dentist, your job is 80% done. This blog will do the rest 20%.