Do your teeth feel sensitive after you got them cleaned at your trusted dental clinic? Well, you are not alone! Many people experience this. The worst part is that many often avoid professional teeth cleaning due to this. As per the best dentist in Kolkata, avoiding it can be dangerous as it will allow your dental disease to worsen.

So, in today’s blog, let’s find out why your teeth are sensitive after a cleaning session.

Why Does Teeth Cleaning Make Your Teeth Sensitive?

Buildup on your teeth is never good. It holds the bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities. The more buildup you get, the higher is the risk for dental disease.

One strange thing is that buildup acts as an insulator. When there is a lot of tartar and plaque on your teeth, it acts like a sweater that insulates your teeth from cold, hot, and sweets.

When your dental hygienist cleans your teeth, the expert removes all the buildup. It is highly essential to maintain your oral health. As a result, it also removes the insulation. That is why, after a cleaning session, your teeth can feel cold, hot, and sweet sensations more than normal.

How Can You Prevent This Sensitivity?

Teeth cleaning session is mandatory to keep your teeth as clean as possible. You should never let the plaque and tartar build-up again. Perform consistent brushing and flossing to prevent accumulation. That way, you will never feel the effects of having them removed.

Search what is the best dental clinic near me and consult with the experts. They might advise you to fight sensitivity with different oral care products that have stannous fluoride and potassium nitrate.

What If The Teeth Sensitivity Happens Anyway? How to Manage It?

If your teeth are sensitive during and after a cleaning session, talk to the best dental clinic in Kolkata or wherever you live. The expert may recommend a professional fluoride treatment for the super-sensitive areas of your teeth. It helps you to block or slow down the sensations from reaching the nerves inside your teeth.

Heavy forces of grinding and clenching also damage your teeth and make them more sensitive. An expert dentist will make you aware of any signs he/she sees of this habit. If you are grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep, you will face difficulties managing sensitivity. A dentist will prescribe adding a protective mouth guard to separate your teeth from one another. As a result, you are controlling the heavy biting forces to calm down the nerves in your teeth. It will help you to fight sensitivity more effectively.

Do you have more questions about sensitive teeth? Consult the best dentist near you for more useful advice.