The majority of your digestion health depends on how you chew food and how it is digested. To chew the food properly, you must have a correctly aligned bite. Besides health benefits, having straight teeth is quite essential for visual aesthetics. Having crooked teeth does not just disrupt the visual aesthetics, but also leads to different tissues. A misaligned bite can make the teeth wear out early or even TMJ. Sometimes, the misalignment in the chips can cause the teeth to fracture. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore, as treatment is possible nowadays. You can consult the best orthodontist in Kolkata to understand the type of bite and get rid of your dental issues. There are multiple benefits of having an aligned bite. You can check out all the benefits mentioned in this blog.

The Importance of a Properly Aligned Bite

Misaligned teeth can hurt your overall appearance and health. It makes it more difficult to chew food while speaking clearly. Orthodontists will use braces or aligners to ensure that your teeth are properly aligned.

An Aligned Bite Aids in the Chewing Process

With properly aligned teeth, it is much easier to chew food. The body can only digest food when you chew them well. It requires more effort when you have a misaligned tooth. As a result, it would cause more wear and tear on the teeth, as well as other problems. It also weakens the jaws and causes mouth pain.

Have an Improved Digestion With Aligned Teeth

You may already be aware of the link between the teeth, bite, and stomach. Your teeth are vital to the digestive process. Only when you chew foods properly, your digestion will occur properly. Misaligned teeth prevent you to chew food properly and hamper the process of digestion. When digestion is faulty, your body can’t absorb the nutrition from the food you intake. Furthermore, you may lose appetite or limit your eating habits – say the experts of a multispeciality dental clinic.

It Helps in Making Your Speech Proper

When your teeth are misaligned, you may experience difficulty speaking. The tongue cannot be properly placed with teeth, not in their exact position. As a result, you will be unable to produce the correct sound when speaking, such as “t,” “n,” or “d.” Many experienced orthodontists revealed that when misaligned teeth become severe, they can completely impair speech.


If you want to have your misaligned teeth corrected, always go for professional orthodontic treatment in Kolkata. In Smile Signature Dental Clinic, the expert team has the necessary knowledge, skills, and specialized training to provide you with the set of healthy teeth that you deserve.