Well, let’s face the reality. Every parental tutorialyou watch on social media is not helpful! Videos of parents yanking out their child’s loose tooth might seem to be cute. As dental professionals, we cringe a bit every time we watch a parent doing it. Did you know pulling baby teeth can be harmful to your child’s oral health? Yeah, you read it right. Ask any best dentist in Kolkata and the expert will agree that it’s a big NO! Here’s why!

The problems with pulling baby teeth

Baby teeth fall out naturally

First and foremost, you should not pull your child’s tooth because they fall out on their own. Babies lose their teeth in a natural process. That’s not the end, the best part is that the natural process is painless. So, yanking the tooth out even before the natural process might harm your baby’s oral health.

You are most likely to damage the roots

Your baby’s tooth is wiggly, we get it. But it also means that it is ready to fall out. After all, the loosening happened because an adult tooth is pushing throughout the surface. However, it can be a false alarm too. When you are pulling it out, it might break off and some part might remain below the gumline. Eventually, it will lead to more problems.

It can damage your baby’s teeth and jaw alignment for the long run

After all, smile is the biggest ornament of a person. So, it is not only about your child’s oral health, it is about their aesthetic appearance too. Even if you are not causing damage to the root, you might be ruining their jaw and future tooth alignment.

Your baby’s teeth secure the place in the jaw for incoming adult teeth as your baby grows old. If you have removed your baby’s teeth even before the adult tooth comes out, the adult tooth loses its spot. It might result in ill-fitted bite or teeth crowding- says the best orthodontist in Kolkata

It causes dental anxiety in your child

No matter how smartly you try to pull out your baby’s loose tooth, you never know what will happen. An unsuccessful tooth pulling episode could cause extreme pain. This type of dental anxiety will lead your child to develop a dental phobia.

What should you do instead?

So, now you know that pulling your baby’s loose teeth is never a good idea. If you find your baby is feeling disturbed because of a loose tooth, contact an orthodontist near you. Are you looking for the best dentist in Kolkata? You have to come to the right place. For more useful information on dental care, keep an eye on our page.