Dental phobia, also known as dental anxiety, is common in many. The worst part is that it starts as an irrational fear and ends up as a problematic experience. As a result, people start to avoid visiting a dental clinic for a regular check-up.

But avoiding a visit to a reputable dental clinic in Kolkata or anywhere you live, can lead to a lot of oral health problems. Do you know what adds more to the problem? Fixing out-of-control dental problems is way too expensive than long-term preventive care. So, why are people so afraid of dentists?

This Blog Will Talk About-

  • Previous Experience
  • Parenting behavior
  • Fear Of Pain
  • Fear Of Injections/ Needles
  • Media influences
  • Fear Of Cost

Previous Experience

An embarrassing, painful, frightening experience of a previous dental visit can leave a permanent scar on your mind. It happens when you don’t research well before finding the best dental clinic near me. It is always advised to choose a dentist wisely.

Parenting Behavior

Suppose you are afraid of the dentist. If your child sees it, they are most likely to experience the same fear too.

Fear Of Pain

None likes to tolerate pain and some of the dental treatments might cause a bit of pain. But the reality is pain tolerance varies from one person to another person. Plus, it also depends on the dentist’s skill sets and the techniques used. The better the dentist is, the lower the risks are. Not going to the dentist because you fear pain might lead you to experience more damage and pain down the road.

Fear Of Needles/Injections

It is hard to accept the idea of injection for your dental treatment. But local anesthesia is necessary to make you feel comfortable during some of the dental process. But there are times when people fear that anesthesia won’t work while the treatment is going on. An experienced dentist will never take risks with your safety and comfort.

Media Influences

Sometimes, it is possible for both adults and children to become scared of the dentist due to the media. They might see negative portrayals of dental procedures on television, social media, etc.

Let’s talk about the root canal procedure, it is often talked about or even portrayed as something painful. But If you go for the best root canal treatment in Kolkata or wherever you live, the reality is far from what you see on screen!

Fear Of Cost

People often think dental procedures are way too expensive. But the kind of treatment you need to solve your dental issues, the price is worth it. Plus, it is better to get medicated now to avoid paying double when your dental issue grows bigger down the line.

Remember, that regular dental check-up is always the less painful and most inexpensive process. Simple teeth cleaning will save you from major dental work in the future.