Do you have that memory of your childhood when you wanted to drink a bottle of coke but your parents wouldn’t? Turns out they had reasons to stop doing so. While soft drinks can feel like a savior in a hot summer afternoon, they do a number to our teeth. And not only teeth, but over-consumption of soft drinks will also lead to obesity, diabetes, and several other health issues. Dentists performing smile designing in Kolkata will tell you that overconsumption of coke will also turn your teeth ugly.

Breaking It Down

So, what exactly is in a soft drink which causes so much harm? Let’s break down the main ingredients.

  • Acid- Soft drinks tend to contain phosphoric acid, which results in the erosion of our teeth. Unlike the localized cavity, erosion of teeth caused by acid will affect every single tooth. Sudden pains, sensitivity, darkening of teeth are signs of dental erosion.

  • Dye- As much as we love the deep brown color, vibrant orange color or the smooth whitish color, these colors are the result of dye. If over consumed, it will stain our pearly teeth.

  • Sugar- And, here is the main villain. Did you know that 100ml of cola contains 9 ml of sugar? That’s what makes it so deliciously sweet. So much sugar creates the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria. Let’s not even mention the hike in the blood sugar level.

The Two Main Effects of Overconsumption of Soft Drink

Erosion- This happens when the acid present in the soft drink comes in contact with our teeth. Although when consumed in little amount, it will not have much of an effect. But with regular consumption, the enamel, which is the top layer of our teeth, will start to erode away.

Cavity- While acid present in the drink will erode the teeth; the sugar present in it will eat it away. The high amount of sugar present in the coke will create the perfect environment for the flourishment of bacteria. Therefore, with overconsumption, the cavity will get worse with time.

What Is The Solution?

So, should we give up on our favorite drink? What are our hands going to reach towards on a hot summer day after we come from a sports practice? What will we enjoy after a heavy dinner? Of course, we will, but we should keep few things in mind.

  • Moderation is the key. Don’t give up completely but don’t have it regularly.

  • The best dentist in Kolkata will tell you that it is a terrible idea to brush our teeth immediately after coke consumption. Honestly, don’t drink cola at least an hour before you go to sleep.

  • Try drinking it quickly as this way the coke will not be in the mouth for too long.

  • Rinsing your mouth right after consumption is also a great idea as it will flush your mouth of any cola left.

Above all, visit a multispeciality dental clinic once a while to maintain healthy dental hygiene.