Wisdom teeth become quite a serious matter if you don’t take action on time. If it doesn’t break through your jaw, you often don’t feel any problem. But for some people, they grow out, cause pain, swelling, inflamed gums, or tooth decay.

Wisdom Teeth Create Complicacies like:

Usually, wisdom teeth erupt on both sides of your upper and lower jaws. They usually grow during the teenage or early twenties. If your mouth has enough space for their placements, you do not have to worry. But, even a little bit of asymmetry can cause several gum diseases, says the best dentist in Kolkata.

Common Wisdom Teeth Warning Signs Are:

    • Pain in your jaw
    • Swelling around the troubled tooth
    • Gum inflammation and bleeding
  • Foul-smelling mouth
  • Loss of bone around the concerned tooth
  • When Do You Need To Extract Your Wisdom Tooth?

Apart from the problems mentioned above, your wisdom teeth can cause more trouble. While there are many myths around extracting wisdom teeth, the best dental doctor in Kolkata will help you decide the best.

Infection And Inflammation

Wisdom teeth and gum infections often go hand-in-hand. If you leave it untreated, it can cause several periodontal diseases. Once your gums start to swell up, infection will spread to nearby soft and hard tissues. Plus, it will help the bacteria to grow faster.


By the time your wisdom teeth start to grow, there is less space available in your jaw. Automatically, it pushes the rest of the teeth aside and it results in overcrowding.

Damages Caused To Other Teeth

Apart from overcrowding, wisdom teeth also cause damage to the nearby teeth. As a result, you might experience cavities and bone loss.

Tumors Or Cysts

When wisdom teeth remain hidden within the gums, they can’t emerge out naturally. Such infection can cause a cyst that damages other bones or teeth.

Difficult To Clean

Even when you don’t have an infection and pain, keeping wisdom teeth and the surrounding area clean is quite a task. Improper flossing and brushing can lead to plaque and cavity build-up.

Consult With The Best dental doctor in Kolkata

When you are facing troubles due to your wisdom teeth, it is wise to go for a tooth extraction. If left untreated, you might suffer from pain and infection which will eventually cause you an expensive treatment. Isn’t it better to seek medical help earlier?

But what if it is not bothering you right now? When should you get it removed? Well, your expert oral surgeon will have all the answers to your potential queries. However, in most cases, dentists go for proactive wisdom teeth removal. Schedule a pre-extraction consultation with the best dentist in your area.