Who doesn’t want a set of healthy teeth and a gorgeous smile? But maintaining good oral health takes proper planning, a dentist’s guidance, and of course, some investment. Despite everything, dental emergencies happen.

Say, for example, you have a teeth infection and you need a root canal treatment. Now you must be searching for a cost-effective root canal treatment in Kolkata. All you need to do is remember the below-mentioned points.

Understand Who Is a Suitable Dentist for You!

Root canal treatment is a minor surgical procedure. A well-trained, experienced general dentist will be the right one to treat you. Or else, you can also contact a root canal specialist while searching for the best dental clinic in Kolkata.

However, general dentists often treat teeth near the front of your mouth as they have fewer roots. If you need therapy on a tooth with multiple roots, if your case is complex, you might need the help of an endodontist.

How should you prepare for your root canal treatment?

Once you found a suitable dentist for your procedure, it’s time to prepare for the procedure. Before the final day arrives, you must clear all the queries you have. Your healthcare provider will be the best one to answer your questions. So, here are a few things you can do to prepare for your treatment.

  • Take all the medicines as prescribed

Your dentist will prescribe a few anti-inflammatory antibiotics a few days before your procedure. You have to take all the medicines especially when your infection is quite severe.

  • Don’t smoke or consume alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol products interfere with your body’s ability to heal itself. Avoid smoking and drinking a few days before your root canal treatment. Though, it’s better to stop altogether.

  • Eat something light and healthy before your procedure

Dentists use local anesthesia while performing root canal treatment. So, your mouth will be numb for a few hours even after the procedure. That is why it’s a good idea to eat well before your appointment. But, make sure to avoid junk.

How long does this procedure take?

It depends on the severity of your infection. A root canal usually requires one to two appointments in general. Each appointment takes around one hour. Always go for a pre-consultation session with your dentist before the final day so that you can plan things.


One of the biggest fears people have about a root canal is the pain and invasiveness of the surgery. Are you worried about the same too? Relax, if you have found the best dentist in Kolkata, you are in good hands. For information on your oral health care, keep an eye on this page!