Do you know that there is a phobia known as ‘Dentophobia’? What is it you ask? Imagine you have a toothache, a terrible one. But you cannot do anything about it. Not due to lack of a dentist nearby or any medicinal shop but because of a psychological phenomenon called Dentophobia. It is a phenomenon that affects around 12% to 36% of the total population.

‘Dentophobia’ is a type of phobia that causes you to have an irrational fear towards dentists or dental clinics in general. It might be caused due to previous bad experience or other related fear but it isn’t always explainable. Sometimes it is detected from a very young age. Even something as simple as trying to do teeth whitening in Kolkata will freak you out.

What is it that people suffering from dentophobia are afraid of?

• Negative feelings toward the dentist himself/herself due to previous experience. It might also fear of doctors as a whole.
• Even the best dentist in Kolkata cannot always guarantee that you wouldn’t feel the slightest of discomfort. At most, they can provide you with local anesthesia and try to make you as comfortable. It depends a lot on the mouth sensitivity of the patient.
• Lots of patients get scared by the sound of drilling and the odors commonly present inside a hospital or clinic. It can be linked to previous bad experiences.
These three are the major types of trigger points for dentophobia. It is very important to make them feel comfortable and safe before starting any kind of treatment.
Complications due to Dentophobia
While for some people Dentophobia lasts a short period, for others it lasts their whole adult life. Needless to say, it can create a lot of issues for a person. It can affect a person in many ways.

Here are a few of them:

• Tooth decay will worsen over time. A cavity that will start a small dot will turn into tooth decay. How long would you deal with the pain without painkillers? After a point, even they won’t work. In cases where you would have needed small oral care, your mind needs to get more invasive surgery.
• In some cases, oral problems can cause infections. If not treated in time, it will cause more serious medical illness.
• It will affect your professional and personal life both. Clean teeth are a sign of discipline and overall hygiene. Therefore, it will cause problems while trying to find jobs. Similarly, it will also cause problems in your personal life. Nobody wants to date someone with terrible teeth. It’s just gross.

One must take care of this phobia. The best way to do so is by taking baby steps. Go to a psychologist. Listen to her, moderation is the key. Visit the best dental clinic in Kolkata and make them understand your phobia. That way they can take the necessary steps to make you feel more comfortable.