Orthodontic braces are becoming more and more popular in the dentistry world as the outcome of this treatment is always afformative. These are exclusively designed by the experts to align your teeth better and treat many dental conditions effectively. Here are a few dental conditions for which the best dental doctor in Kolkata recommends undergoing immediate braces treatment.

Visibly Crooked Teeth

Your visibly crooked teeth not only ruin your smile but also majorly affect your oral hygiene. For instance, they make your mouth prone to cavities. Along with that, people with crooked teeth also face difficulties in flossing and brushing. Installing braces align the crooked teeth and help you gain a perfect smile and ensure overall dental health.

Any gap in Your Teeth

Generally, a large jaw or a missing tooth is the reason behind gapped teeth. It often leads you to habits like thumb sucking or toungue thrusting. It also causes gums between the teeth prone to inflammation because of plaque accumulation or food lodgement. The experts of the best dental clinic in Kolkata advice braces treatment that will help apply gentle yet effective pressure to your teeth, pushing them into a more aligned position. You can close your teeth gapping efficiently with the help of braces.

Crowded Teeth

Crowding is a common dental condition faced by many and most-usually addressed by braces. It occurs when there is not sufficient space for all your teeth in your mouth. though , the type of treatment mostly depend on your age and the severity of the condition, different types like clear braces, lingual braces, or traditional metal braces are there for your rescue.

Bite Issues

The below-mentioned bite issues mostly need the help of the braces treatment:

  • Overbite is one of the most prominent reasons behind oral health issues. It happens when your upper front teeth overlap your lower teeth.

  • Underbite is just the opposite of overbite. It results when your lower teeth overlap your upper teeth.

  • Open bite means that your teeth are not aligned when your jaws are closed. It often leads the patients to bite and speech difficulties.

  • Crossbite affects the teeth alignment. It often results in an asymmetric jaw growth, gum recession and extreme wear of teeth.

  • When dental misalignment affect the way you chew, your eating episodes get complicated. Your teeth can’t grind the food properly and even swallowing food often becomes difficult sometimes. These alignment issues worsen with time if you don’t treat it with braces.

Besides, providing the best root canal treatment in Kolkata, we also have a team of expert orthodontists who use premium braces to treat all the dental deformities mentioned above. Let us create your beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!