The most awaited holidays are here again! It’s the time of the year again to connect and celebrate with your friends and family. No celebration is ever complete without delicious foods and refreshing beverages. Unfortunately, the tempting indulgence of this season takes a toll on our oral health. So, how can you keep your smile healthy and bright over the festive season? Read on the blog to know more.

  1. Choose your drinks carefully so that it doesn’t stain your teeth

Drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine often cause discoloration and reduce the whitish appearance of your teeth. If your teeth have plaque, it gets worse. If you can’t reduce intaking such beverages, consult the best dentist in Kolkata and discuss the solutions that will minimize the discoloration.

  1. Don’t Open the Gift Box with Your Teeth

When it is Christmas, you are most likely to receive a lot of gifts from your friends and family members. Often it is an instinct that people tend to open gift boxes with their teeth and as per a dentist, it’s a red flag. Chances are high you might injure your jaw, crack your teeth, or accidentally swallow some foreign particles. Nobody would want a dental emergency du Plus, the glue or tape used to seal the wrapper might be harmful to your teeth enamel.

  1. Avoid chewing the hard lollipops

Christmas is a season of sweets, candies, and lollipops, and may we say that there is no age bar to satisfy your sweet tooth. But still, chewing hard lollipops might cause tooth breakage or chip followed by an emergency visit to your dentist. Choose alternative food items that are softer and kinder on your pearly whites. However, if you face any discomfort, visit the best dental clinic in Kolkata at any time.

  1. Bruss and floss your teeth regularly

Holidays always mean late-night parties, too much junk foods, sodas, and an undisciplined lifestyle for a few days. But you should never skip brushing and flossing your teeth regularly amidst the chaos of all the festivities.Keeping up with your oral care routine will reduce the attack of harmful germs in your mouth.

  1. Use a timer while brushing your teeth

An expert dentist always suggests brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Unfortunately, you seem to cut off your brushing span when you have a busy schedule to follow. In reality, saving up these two minutes from your regular brushing schedule will not make much difference. So, it’s better that you set a timer, slow down the brushing process, and clean your teeth thoroughly.

The Final Thought!

However, even after following all the above-mentioned methods, if you still experience complications like sensitivity to cold and hot, severe pain, swollen gums, and other discomforts, you might need a root canal treatment immediately. Are you looking for a cost-effective root canal treatment in Kolkata? You have come to the right place. Keep an eye on this page for regular updates like this.